Dr. Gurumurthy D.M.

Dr. Gurumurthy






Who Am I?

    Dr. Guru was an undergraduate Biochemist at DVS college, Karnataka and went to Kuvempu University, where he received his masters degree in Biochemistry. Following completion of his masters, he joined as doctoral student at Dr. SEN laboratory under Prof. Dr. S.E Neelagund. his research is mainly focused on the “industrial important thermozymes from novel bacterial spp” and he received his Ph.D in Biochemistry in 2013. Later, he spent a year as a postdoctoral visiting fellow at TIFR, Mumbai, before arriving to Prof. Feng Zhao laboratory in Institute of Urban Environment, Xiamen, China. His research is now focused on environmental microbiology and Extra cellular electrons transfer (EETs) in Microbial fuel cells (MFCs). So far, he has published more than six SCI indexed peer reviewed papers and some were being communicated.


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