About Prof. Feng ZHAO's team


THE MAIN FOCUS in Prof. Feng ZHAO’s lab is primarily on developing bioelectrochemical systems (BESs) concerning bio-energy, bioelectro-nics, bionanotechnology and environmental biotechnology; this investigation involves multiple aspects including electrochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and engineering technology. We are seeking to elucidate scientific fundamentals of BES, e.g. to understand the mechanisms for electron transfer between bacteria/enzymes and electrodes, to optimize operational conditions and architecture design, as well as to improve BES performance in long-term operation.


Current Projects

The mechanism and application of microbial fuel cells for sulfur pollutants removal from waste-waters, supported by Hundred Talents Programme of  CAS (2010.05-2013.05)
Research on developing low-cost microbial fuel cells based on bio-cathode, supported by Main Direction Program of Knowledge Innovation of CAS (2011.01-2013.12)
The study of mechanism of electrode biofilm in wastewater treatment based on microelectrode techniques, supported by National Natural  Science Foundation of China (2012.01-2015.12)
Key technologies for synchronous electricity generation and wastewater treatment in microbial fuel cells, supported by MOST (863 plan, 2011AA060907)


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